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Wed Aug 3 17:26:10 IST 2011

Nance 1938 gives a separate headword pupteth 'every day'
and in the same entry has p.-oll emphatic, every single day. 
There seems to be one example only of both expressions:

Pub tezoll neb a vynne leuerel pymzek pater PA 228a
bynyges re by pup tyth my a'd worth pur wyr nefre OM 831.

And the first example here is slightly suspicious, seeing that pub ends in a voiced consonant
and one would not therefore expect the following d to have devoiced after it.

Apart from these instances, after pup/pub dëdh seems always to begin with <d>, not <t>:

ow benneth thy'so pup deyth PC 2549
pup deth nansyv lues mys BM 682
regen guerese pub deth BM 1758
in y nesse hevys ruen pup deth y weska certen BM 4443-44
why na rellogh fillall pub dith TH 5
pub lell cristian ow confessia pub dith in y credo TH 39
gwrys cryffe ha pub dith moye ha moy appla TH 41
Christ ew gwelys pup deth vmma ware an nore vys SA 60
Ro tha ny gen bara ny hithow ha pub dyth Keigwin.

Nance did not have TH and SA in 1938, but he did have PC, BM and Keigwin.

I think we should drop pùptëdh in favour of pùb dëdh/dÿdh.


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