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Ray wheg,

I learnt pupteth in the late 1950s, assuming it to be genuine.
I didn't realise then that pupteth was not attested, only pub tezoll an pup tyth.
Such was Nance's authority, that no one queried anything.
One can still hear people on Radyo an Gernewegva singing
an mor 'hedra vo yn fos dhys adro, though the three examples
of hadre von in CW make it clear that the word was ha'dre.

To return to pupteth:
This is from Lyver Pysadow Kemyn (1980):

Agan Tas-ny us yn nef,
benygys re bo dha hanow,
re dheffo dha wlascor,
dha voth re bo gwres, kepar del yu yn nef.
Ro dhyn-ny hedhyu agan bara pupteth;
ha gaf dhyn-ny agan camwyth,
kepar del aven-ny dhe’n re-na usy ow camwul war-gan pyn-ny:
ha na’n ten-ny yn antel,
mes gwyth ny orth drok;
Rak dhyso-jy yu’n wlascor ha’n nerth ha’n splandor; termyn hep deweth. Amen.

This is from Cornwall 24:

Hem yu tavas yn few, tavas usy ow trelya pupteth avel tavosow erel war an norvys . Ny vyn an fratyers ha 'scoloryon skyansek' gweles Kernewek ...

And this is from the Gorseth website:

Keryer ha Carrek re dhrehedhas moy es 250 arweth fordhyow dewyethek. An re ma yu nampythow yn le tra aral, whel pupteth oll, po forth noweth ha nag us moy cost dhedha.

It was because I was not entirely happy with pupteth that the prayer book of Cowethas Perans Sans was called: Lyver Pejadow rag Kenyver Jorna. Gwavas writes kinefar journa.

One of the least satisfactory aspects of Nance's purism was his use of arghans (arhans) for 'money'. The spelling arghans is attested twice in PA, and once in Keigwin's letter. Arhans is commoner being attested at least six times. It always means 'silver'.  The Cornish for 'money' is mona.  Indeed Lhuyd is quite explicit: under Pecunia 'money' he gives Monnah (and with an obelus Sols from OCV) AB: 115c. There is no hint of arhans.
As it is revivalists use arhans 'silver' for 'money' and because UC and KK write <arghans>, almost everybody says *arkans—which is doubly incorrect. The wrong word and an imperfect pronunciation into the bargain. 


On 2011 Est 3, at 20:11, Ray Chubb wrote:

> To be honest I was unaware of 'pupteth' in Nance and have always used 'pup deth', I suspect that many other speakers do the same because Nance 38 was not generally available until 1990.

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