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It seems that the w-less form is the regular reflex, cf. MI deoch, OB diot,
MB diet, OC diot, Gaul. diota. Since the OC form diot precedes MC dywes,
dewas I find it unlikely that Cornish would spontaneously insert /w/ in the
hiatus in this word and nowhere else. 
I've found a questionable (no indication of sources) Proto-Celtic to English
wordlist online
lticEnglishWordlist.pdf), which gives di-ati- glossed 'drink', but also the
heading degu-(?) 'drink'. Is there a possibility that we might be dealing
with an entirely separate root where dywes, dewas is concerned. I haven't
found *(*)degu- elsewhere and cannot find a reference to a word in the other
Modern Celtic languages. 
Could *di-ati- be derived from the PCc (Proto-Celtic) prefix *di- 'of, from'
and compounded with PCc *ati- 'oven, furnace', i.e. 'something burnt, a
brand, liquor', rather than 'suck' + nominal extension? 
Cornish dena (cf. OI denaid; MW dynu, denu; MB denaff, B denan) shows 'suck'
+ suffix *-na-
Perplexing and the other reference materials are suspiciously quite on the
subject and don't list this word.
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"If the w in dywes, dewas is to fill hiatus, one has to ask why dioc > dyag
has not undergone the same development."
On 2011 Est 4, at 13:52, Daniel Prohaska wrote:
> How is the OC <diot> to be explained? It seems that MC <dewas> cannot be
its reflex, but a separate development.
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