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I have paid my subscription for last year = Me re wrug tylly ow ragpren rag an vledhen eus passys.
We went to France again last year = Ny êth dhe Frynk arta warleny.
This is the last year of my apprenticeship = Hòm yw an vledhen dhewetha a'm prentshyp

Warleny isn't attested but was suggested by Nance (1938) on the basis of Welsh y llynedd and Breton arlene.
Warlena might perhaps be a better form. The KK form is warlyna, but the vowel would be e not y in Cornish.

On 2011 Est 26, at 11:49, A. J. Trim wrote:

> By the way, what would “for the last year” be?

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