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Nothing is enforceable within the Cornish language community as a whole. Any individual can spell any way they choose, and nothing can stop them. However spelling rules are enforceable in certain situations. A publisher, for example, can decide to publish in a certain orthography and strictly follow the rules of that orthography. The publications from Evertype that employ KS  are a case in point. Similarly the SWF is intended for use by public bodies and the educational system. When these bodies write in the SWF, they are obliged to follow the rules of the SWF. If it were decided at some point in the future that diacritics were to employed in the SWF, then public bodies and the educational system would be obliged to use diacritics.
Ol an gwella

Dr. Jon Mills, 
University of Kent

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I agree with Craig & Herbie's point here - that diacritics are ultimately unenforceable.

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