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Tue Feb 1 13:17:48 GMT 2011

Firstly thanks Thomas! I'll give it a go. :)

KK can never replace the SWF. If it does, the "consensus" falls apart and
the war starts all over again (for those minded to fight).

We have no need to compromise further, indeed earlier compromises need to be
rescinded. The status gap can no longer be allowed to exist. If it does then
SWF/T is worthless.

Without the traditional groups the SWF will fail as a compromise and simply
split KK. UC/R will continue, KS could too, and the late people will go back
experimentation or they could use KS.

As to reform of SWF/T... how do we manage to get it to do what is necessary
without using diacritics or being like KK? I'm not sure, but we do need a
definitive list of the issues with the SWF. They will be useful regardless
of the outcome of 2013.


On 31 January 2011 23:42, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:

> While mentioning the 2013 review, I've still to see a list of proposed
> revisions to the SWF from this group.  It's only 2 years away.  The last 3
> have gone in a blink of the eye.  Meanwhile the policy is being set out to
> bring KK back.  Either we recognise this and deal with it NOW, or we all
> pack up and go home.
> Craig
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