[Spellyans] Shall we vote on diacritics just now?

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When George formulated KK, his aim was that it would be phonemic and that there would be a close spelling to pronunciation correspondence. It has been shown that KK does not adequately achieve these goals. On the other hand, KS does achieve these goals, unambiguously, and not only for one orthoepy, but for all orthoepies currently on offer. Furthermore, unlike KK, KS is an acceptable solution for those who prefer traditionally attested forms. KS achieves all this by using diacritics. If diacritics are rejected, the raison d'etre for KS is lost.
Ol an gwella,

Dr. Jon Mills, 
University of Kent

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..... Without the diacritics KS is nothing more than an SWF/T variant and that, as we already know, is flawed and ambiguous. ....

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