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“I would like to hear from other members of this forum, so that we might form a view of their consensus on this matter. Fellow 'Spellyansoryon', the issue before us is this: 


—      Should the diacritics in KS be mandatory in all writings?”

In KS, yes. I no longer see KS as an improvement to the SWF, but as an orthography in its own right. I would welcome the introduction of a limited number of diacritics in the SWF, but not necessarily those used in KS.


—      Should they be optional in all writings?




—      Should they be hightly recommented in lexicographic/reference/didactic writings and optional elsewhere?


They would be an integral part of the orthography and mandatory in all writings.


—      Or should they have some other role?


Diacritics should have one distinct purpose, e.g. circumflex for irregular vowel length, grave for irregular shortness, diaeresis for a different sound. 


—      Furthermore, do we currently have a surfeit of diacritics? Could we idealy do with fewer of them?”


Yes, I would reduce the number of diacritics where possible.



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