[Spellyans] Shall we vote on diacritics just now?

Owen Cook owen.e.cook at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 01:39:45 GMT 2011

For the record, I stand with Jon. Christian and Michael in supporting
the obligatory use of diacritics. On the question that Eddie proposed,
I would have voted NO.

On the other hand, ë and ÿ are not widely liked, even by people who
otherwise are on board with KS. This is a separate issue from making
diacritics optional across the board. I would really hope that the
question of e/y alterations could be reopened for the 2013 review. KS
might now be forced to have e/y, and therefore use ë/ÿ for the reasons
that Michael has so often explained. A different solution, à la ei,
would be an improvement, however.

I also agree with Jon that a vote is definitely not the best way to
tackle such issues. Unfortunately, the reality is that they will be
decided by horse-trading, backroom deals, and unilateral fiats, which
is even worse. This I think may be one reason why we seem to be
talking past each other: Eddie seems to want to present a proposal
with a greater chance of winning popularity and therefore surviving
the horse trade (forgive me, Eddie, if I'm inadvertently
misrepresenting you).


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