[Spellyans] dictionnaire de l'Academie francaise

David Trethewey dlrt2 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Feb 2 08:37:49 GMT 2011

I use Ubuntu on a regular basis and am a learner of Cornish. I'm still 
quite far from fluent but may end up having more time to devote to 
Cornish after I finish my MSc thesis (in astronomy).

For what its worth, my initial reaction to ÿ and ë was negative, I think 
that having a diacritic that looks very unfamiliar may put people off 
the language.

My reaction to ô or â or ù to indicate things like irregular vowel 
length was more positive, perhaps given that these are commonly found in 
languages such as French and Welsh.

David Trethewey

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