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Wed Feb 2 11:01:50 GMT 2011

Orthography isn't language, it's spelling. You cannot base an orthography on aesthetics. KS is based as far as possible on traditional spelling with distinctions and diacritics for phonetic precision.
I have written a vast amount in KS and am very used to it by now. Writing tra vëth in oll an bës doesn't bother me. All the same one cannot condemn an orthography because one's not used to it. 
The Kemynites on the AHG group would shy away from English borrowings as being un-Celtic or whatever. On the other hand they insisted on no diacritics, which, as Craig has pointed out, is the quintessentially English practice.


On 2011 Whe 2, at 10:31, David Trethewey wrote:

> s far as having a negative reaction, its an aesthetic reaction to the change in the overall "look" of the language, I guess it would probably go away with more exposure to it.

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