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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Wed Feb 2 16:30:39 GMT 2011

Sorry, Michael, but it WAS stated (very firmly) at the meeting at  
"County" Hall after the AHG, at which I was present, and at which  
copies of Albert & Ben's spec was made available.  I'm sure Ray can  
confirm this.


On 2 Whe 2011, at 16:19, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 2 Feb 2011, at 15:55, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> Michael, I think it's best not to assume there will be any review  
>> after 2013.  It was stated that it would be the one and only review.
> It was stated that there would not be any changes until after an  
> initial five years. No statement was ever issued that it would be  
> "the one and only review".
>> The reality may well turn out to differ but, for now, I think we  
>> have no choice but to treat 2013 as though it will be the last  
>> review.
> Why? There is no guarantee that the SWF will be suitable for use  
> after that review.
> KK was unsuitable for a variety of reasons and it was rightly  
> criticized and so it was not chosen by the Commission. The SWF is  
> unsuitable for a variety of reason and if its flaws are not put  
> right it will attract sustained criticism from linguists.
> I do not second-guess what may happen in future and I recommend that  
> nobody else does either.
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