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On 2011 Whe 19, at 09:13, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
> ... In France, they campaign against "Franglais"; in Russia, against "Russlish".  I think Cornish needs to minimise "Cornglish".

In a similar way, the Chinese government is trying to get rid of 'Chinglish'.

In Wales, 'Wenglish' seems to be fairly acceptable in informal or colloquial contexts, but not in more literary or formal ones.

I would suggest a similar distinction might suit Cornish as well. All right for casual use in the pub over a few pints with your pals perhaps, but not really suitable for formal or literary use.

Certainly, the unrestrained use of 'Kernglish' makes our language look ludicrously macaronic. Let me forestall any quibbling over my use of the latter word with a quote from the handy Americal OED on my Mac:

> macaronic. denoting language, esp. burlesque verse, containing words or inflections from one language introduced into the context of another.

And just to clarify that the word 'burlesque' is not being used in its more recent US sense of a strip show, here's a further definition (to forestall any pedantic quibblers):

> burlesque. a parody or comically exaggerated imitation of something, esp. in a literary or dramaticwork

To show the 'burlesque' extremes some writers have gone to, I opened 'Clappya Kernowek' to the chapter that offers 'understondyng', which is fairly typical of what the writer recommends in the way of vocabulary, we find the following Gerva:

'Clappya Kernowek' §23C.1
benefyt, benefyttys, declaracyon, duty, dysobedyens, gras, homyly, homylys, understondyng, unkyndnes, mytt, compella, onora, redemya

dader, spot vyth, dervyn, gordhya

It wouldn't be surprising if the writer had replaced the 2nd small group with:
godnes, deservya,  & worshyppya
…leaving only 'spot vyth' (which already contains one loan word). Actually, forms of the last 2 are in his 2006 UCR dictionary—I only invented 'godnes'!

Why on earth would anyone want to learn such a burlesque, parodic, comically exaggerated, macaronic pidgin as this?

As Tregear might have put it, "Abyl dhe understondya appel po benefyt parody mar radycal a'gan auncyent yeth nyns of spot vyth!"

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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