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Thank you for that bit of sanity and perspective in this, Nicholas!
Having learned Welsh ( North variety!) I've long felt that Cornish though obviously a cousin, has its own distinctive and in some ways richer vocab and registers through this rich vein of loans. To lose them all in some misguided 'purge' would not just impoverish but as you demonstrate take us a step away from the classic texts of the language arguably at its height.

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  Loanwords from Middle English and Norman French are what give Cornish its distinctive appearance. 
  Pascon agan Arluth is the oldest long Middle Cornish text and in the first twenty stanzas the following loanwords occur:

  comfortya 'to comfort', convyctya 'to convict, to vanquish', decevya 'to deceive', desirya 'to desire', dyghtya 'to dight, to treat', dyspresya 'to dispraise, to despise', fastya 'to fasten', grauntya 'to grant', metya 'to meet', movya 'to move', omsettya 'set oneself', onora 'to honour', ordna 'to ordain, rebukya 'to rebuke',  spena 'to spend', temptya 'to tempt', tuchya 'to touch'
  acord 'agreement', bylyny 'villainy', coveytys 'covetousness, avarice', maner 'manner, way', mestry 'mastery, domination', passyon 'passion', paynys 'pains', penans 'penance', pynakyl 'pinnacle', reson 'reason', servys 'service'.
  servabyl 'dutiful, obedient'
  prest 'readily'.

  What is the problem?


  On 2011 Whe 21, at 09:05, Dr Jon Mills wrote:

    Do those who object to loanwords such as remembra also object to Old Norman French loanwords such as mes ('but')? Or is it only words that resemble English words that are objectionable?
    Ol an gwella,


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