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On 2011 Whe 22, at 00:21, ewan wilson wrote:

> Thank you for that bit of sanity and perspective in this, Nicholas!
> Having learned Welsh ( North variety!) I've long felt that Cornish though obviously a cousin, has its own distinctive and in some ways richer vocab and registers through this rich vein of loans. To lose them all in some misguided 'purge' would not just impoverish but as you demonstrate take us a step away from the classic texts of the language arguably at its height.

It is, of course, well known that George carried out just such a 'purge' with his KK. But who on this forum has been advocating 'losing them all' in that way? Have I overlooked the posts in which this was being urged, perhaps?

Certainly, for my part, I've advocated no such extreme measures, calling instead for moderation in their use, and suggesting they be reserved for less formal, more colloquial registers —as is the case with 'Wenglish' (at least, that's how it was in Bangor back in the '80s).

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