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On 2011 Whe 21, at 11:21, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 21 Feb 2011, at 09:48, nicholas williams wrote:
>> Loanwords from Middle English and Norman French are what give Cornish its distinctive appearance. 
> Indeed, they show the vigour of the language, which was ready to take on borrowings. If it were not for loanwords, Cornish would not be Cornish.
> It would be one of those clean-speach conlangs preferred by those who want history to be other than it was.
'History' has it that:
1) Cornish is dead,
2) it's not written with any kind of normalised orthography,
3) it's not written with diacritics.

> Or who want Cornish to be harder than it is.
What's hard about learning the word 'convedhes', or 'cadar', or 'pellgowser'?

> Loanwords are an actual help to learners.
If you're learning a new language, learning a largely new lexicon is part of the process. Dumbing the lexicon down for learners is not a wise  strategy. It is, of course, one of the standard KK arguments for their horrid spelling system.

> Why avoid them, if they are attested?
That such loans are found in the historical corpus is inarguable. What is far less clear is their exact status in that corpus, and what register of usage they were in.

Also 'attested' are Latin/Latinate phrases like 'Hic pompabit Herodus'. Are we to use 'attestation' to rationalise including in the Cornish lexicon of the preposition 'hic', the verb stem 'pompa' and the 3rd pers.sing. future verb ending '-bit'?

They are all attested.

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