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Tue Feb 22 08:55:19 GMT 2011

Exactly that, Eddie.  I began this thread topic and nowhere have I  
said "stamp out loan words", or anything like it.  What I'd rather not  
see is loan-words being preferred to attested Cornish ones.  Use them,  
by all means.  They extend the vocabulary.  I see nothing there that  
suggests anything other than sanity or perspective.  But then - hey!   
What do I know?  I'm just an unqualified enthusiast (where have I come  
across this before?).  People will interpret/reject my words in their  
own way, I guess.

Time to move on.


On 22 Whe 2011, at 06:56, Eddie Climo wrote:

> On 2011 Whe 22, at 00:21, ewan wilson wrote:
>> Thank you for that bit of sanity and perspective in this, Nicholas!
>> Having learned Welsh ( North variety!) I've long felt that Cornish  
>> though obviously a cousin, has its own distinctive and in some ways  
>> richer vocab and registers through this rich vein of loans. To lose  
>> them all in some misguided 'purge' would not just impoverish but as  
>> you demonstrate take us a step away from the classic texts of the  
>> language arguably at its height.
> It is, of course, well known that George carried out just such a  
> 'purge' with his KK. But who on this forum has been advocating  
> 'losing them all' in that way? Have I overlooked the posts in which  
> this was being urged, perhaps?
> Certainly, for my part, I've advocated no such extreme measures,  
> calling instead for moderation in their use, and suggesting they be  
> reserved for less formal, more colloquial registers —as is the case  
> with 'Wenglish' (at least, that's how it was in Bangor back in the  
> '80s).
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