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People sometimes object to verbs in -ya, believing them to be confined largely to Tregear's Homilies.
This is a misconception. I have collected pretty well at random the following verbs from texts other than TH:

abatya BK
arainya BK
ascendya BM
assentya BK, CW
attendya PA, BM, BK, CW
avauncya OM, BK
comondya OM, BM, SA, CW
concernya SA
concêvya BM
confùndya BM
consecratya BM, SA
creatya SA, CW
debatya BM
decernya BM, CW
decêvya PA
defendya PA, SA
deformya CW
demondya SA
departya SA
desîrya PA, BM
devorya BM
dysclôsya CW
dysêsya BM
dysplêsya BM
dyspûtya PC
dystryppya PA
exaltya BM, CW
exîlya OM
forsakya BM, JCH
fùndya BM
gêdya BM
governya (governa) OM, PC, BK, CW
gwardya BK
hernessya BM
inclinya BM, BK
incressya OM, CW
obeya OM, BM
offra SA
presentya CW
preventya CW
procedya BK
promyssya CW
protestya SA
pùnyshya OM, CW
rainya BK, CW
rebukya PA
recêvya (recêva) PA, OM, PC, BM, SA
regardya SA
remembra BM, CW
repentya BM 
reportya BK
restorya BM
revertya BK
rewardya OM, PC, RD, BM, CW
separatya SA
soposya BM, BK
sparya OM, PC, BM, CW
spêdya PA, OM, BM, CW
spryngya BK
sùbjectya BK
sygnyfia SA
tormontya OM, BM, Rowe
transformya SA, CW
tùchya BM, SA, BK
ùnderstondya SA
ùttra BK
vexya BM
whyppya PC, BK.

SA is Sacrament an Alter, a text slightly later than TH. It can be seen that such verbs occur in all texts at all periods. To avoid them
on purist grounds would be inauthentic.


On 2011 Whe 22, at 08:55, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

>>> Thank you for that bit of sanity and perspective in this, Nicholas!

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