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Yes Craig: hydronymy is the general onomastic term for  nomeclature  of 
water features - hence hydronym

- Ken

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>I haven't gone that far, Ray.  Cornish has loan words from several  other 
>languages.  I'm not on a "stamp it out" purge, or anywhere near  it.  Just: 
>let's not go over the top with loan word use.  I've never  been able to 
>make my mind up about Tregear.  His unique use of so many  English words 
>suggests a lack in his knowledge of Cornish vocabulary,  but that notion 
>doesn't sit easily with his grasp of the grammar.  I'm  more inclined to be 
>wary of using words that seem to have been  introduced by one person.  A 
>few of the KK purists went way over the  top, seeming to ignore the fact 
>that every minority language has been  influenced in some way by the 
>neighbouring majority tongue.
> English itself is hardly a pure language, having adopted and absorbed 
> words from any number of languages.  In fact, I wonder why anyone 
> bothered to invent Esperanto.  As an amalgam of languages, English got 
> there first, and English speakers contribute to this without  thinking. 
> Recently, the question arose - if 'toponym' is the word for  place-names, 
> is there one for river-names?  We couldn't think of one,  so we started to 
> make suggestions.  One person suggested  'hydronym' (going for Greek); I 
> suggested 'flumenym' (looking to Latin).
> Craig
> On 20 Whe 2011, at 09:24, Ray Chubb wrote:
>> Well said Owen.  I think it's about time some of us grew up.  In  other 
>> words the revival is mature enough to give us the ability,  safely, to 
>> tell it as it is.
>> The whole unfortunate Common Cornish debacle was of course an "anti- 
>> English" gesture for which the SWF and KS have had, necessarily, to  be 
>> marred.  I have heard Common Cornish promoters openly say; 'why  would we 
>> want to spell Cornish in a way that reflects the influence  of our 
>> English oppressors'.  Piffle !
>> On 20 Whe 2011, at 05:17, Owen Cook wrote:
>>> I see our preoccupation with lexical purism as a function of (1) the
>>> political use of Cornish as an anti-English gesture, and (2) the
>>> insecurities of a community of people who're learning Cornish as a
>>> second language and are not really confident about it as an  autonomous
>>> language (in the sense of parole not langue). There's nothing
>>> necessarily wrong with attaching a political dimension to the Cornish
>>> revival, and it's certainly understandable that a community of
>>> learners should feel to some extent insecure; however, I don't think
>>> either factor should be allowed to dictate the linguistic corpus. I
>>> note that Nicholas, on the other hand, who has done so much over the
>>> years to combat inauthenticity in usage and idiom in revived Cornish,
>>> has far fewer hang-ups about using borrowed lexemes. And it's no
>>> coincidence that he knows Cornish inside and out.
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