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I'm not saying anyone in particular is lacking in sanity and perspective, 
least of all yourself whose books on Cornish I really highly appreciate!
All I'm saying is surely the sane view that gives best perspective on this 
is that Cornish has a rich deposit of loan words which lend it something 
very distinctive. I DO however like 'native'coinages as well such as 
pellgowser which to my ear sounds 'just right' and in an indefinable and 
subjective way much better than, say, the German equivalent.

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Ewan wrote that, not me.  I'm apparently the one who is lacking in
sanity and perspective.


On 22 Whe 2011, at 13:10, nicholas williams wrote:

> People sometimes object to verbs in -ya, believing them to be  confined 
> largely to Tregear's Homilies.
> This is a misconception. I have collected pretty well at random the 
> following verbs from texts other than TH:
> abatya BK
> arainya BK
> ascendya BM
> assentya BK, CW
> attendya PA, BM, BK, CW
> avauncya OM, BK
> comondya OM, BM, SA, CW
> concernya SA
> concêvya BM
> confùndya BM
> consecratya BM, SA
> creatya SA, CW
> debatya BM
> decernya BM, CW
> decêvya PA
> defendya PA, SA
> deformya CW
> demondya SA
> departya SA
> desîrya PA, BM
> devorya BM
> dysclôsya CW
> dysêsya BM
> dysplêsya BM
> dyspûtya PC
> dystryppya PA
> exaltya BM, CW
> exîlya OM
> forsakya BM, JCH
> fùndya BM
> gêdya BM
> governya (governa) OM, PC, BK, CW
> gwardya BK
> hernessya BM
> inclinya BM, BK
> incressya OM, CW
> obeya OM, BM
> offra SA
> presentya CW
> preventya CW
> procedya BK
> promyssya CW
> protestya SA
> pùnyshya OM, CW
> rainya BK, CW
> rebukya PA
> recêvya (recêva) PA, OM, PC, BM, SA
> regardya SA
> remembra BM, CW
> repentya BM
> reportya BK
> restorya BM
> revertya BK
> rewardya OM, PC, RD, BM, CW
> separatya SA
> soposya BM, BK
> sparya OM, PC, BM, CW
> spêdya PA, OM, BM, CW
> spryngya BK
> sùbjectya BK
> sygnyfia SA
> tormontya OM, BM, Rowe
> transformya SA, CW
> tùchya BM, SA, BK
> ùnderstondya SA
> ùttra BK
> vexya BM
> whyppya PC, BK.
> SA is Sacrament an Alter, a text slightly later than TH. It can be  seen 
> that such verbs occur in all texts at all periods. To avoid them
> on purist grounds would be inauthentic.
> Nicholas
> On 2011 Whe 22, at 08:55, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>>>> Thank you for that bit of sanity and perspective in this, Nicholas!
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