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Yes, DYWYVER is another simply splendid coinage that goes to prove that Cornish has an innate facility more than most languages for producing the neatest of neologisms! I off to attend to my dywyver right now! I don't think I remember this in any of my Cornish dictionaries- or certainly have not picked up on it! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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    ... I think pellgowser is far more euphonic and just asks to be used!!

  Agreed. I also like 'dywyver' for a radio, it being of course a calque on the obsolescent English 'wireless'. I also like the distinction many Kernewegoryon make between this pair, an English loan and a native Brythonic word:
  torchen - an electric torch
  faklen - a flaming torch.

  Oddly enough, these last two were amongst the first words I ever learnt in Cornish, along with 'banallek', a furze thicket (with geminate -ll-, mind you!)

  Eddie Climo


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