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On 2011 Whe 23, at 18:05, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 23 Feb 2011, at 17:42, Eddie Climo wrote:
>> Sure—not native Cornish, but native Brythonic.
> Welsh ffagl is borrowed from Latin facula 'little torch, splinter used as a torch', a diminutive of fax 'fire', from the proto-Indo-European root *bhā- 'to shine'.
> As a borrowing from Latin, the word cannot be called "native Brythonic". 
 Cognate, very likely, but 'borrowing'? Prove it! In any case, it scarcely matters a jot, tittle or iota. Even if borrowed from Latin, the lexeme has had some one and a half thousand years to become a naturalised, Brythonic 'citizen'.

>> It's a pity that some other Cornish lexicographers have not matched Nance's high standard of scholarship. With some of them, you get no help whatsoever in distinguishing the historical from the neologistic — what's actually used in RC from what the lexicographer thinks they ought to use. You're just left guessing as to whether, say, St. Meryasek or Noah or JC (or merely the lexicographer) ever found himself "up shit creek without a paddle"!
>> Let us hope that any future dictionaries in 'Kernewek Gwyr' strive for better than that.
> Is it *really* necessary, Eddie, for you to snipe at Nicholas because the URC dictionary does not mark this distinction? Or to imply that he is a poorer scholar than Nance because the choice *not* to mark those words was taken? 

I didn't mention Nicholas or your UCR dictionary—a valuable work, even though flawed in its design. Do you feel the cap fits him? Mind you, Nicholas (and you) feel quite at liberty to stand on the shoulders of Nance and others of his generation in order to kick them in the teeth, by disparaging them as "poor linguists".

How curious that you resent the perception of receiving similar treatment yourself!

You might wish to consider acknowledging the debt that you (and the rest of us) owe to the Kernewegoyon of Nance's generation, rather than denigrating their scholarship. Or, of course, you might not,

Ny vern ha nyns us fors.

Eddie Foirbeis Climo

Gwask an Orlewen
{Dyller yn Kernewek Gwyr}

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