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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Feb 23 20:47:02 GMT 2011

On 23 Feb 2011, at 19:32, Eddie Climo wrote:
> On 2011 Whe 23, at 19:21, Michael Everson wrote:
> On 23 Feb 2011, at 19:11, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>>> I'd have thought that if remembra, ryver, etc. are recommended to be accepted as Cornish; then ffagl must be accepted as Welsh, regardless of origin.
>> Of course it is Welsh. It's just not a native Brythonic word. 
> Prove it!
> Och, why bother. After one and a half millennia, the word's a naturalised Brythonic 'citizen'.

A loanword into a British language is a loanword; it is not "native Brythonic". All I did, as a linguist, was point this out. You might just say "My mistake" and learn the difference between a native word and a borrowing. 

> Only an anally-retentive pedant could quibble with that, don'cha think?

This is discourteous. It is unnecessarily discourteous, too. Please review the rules of this forum, and consider this to be a warning. Remember who your friends are, please. There is no call for you to be so antagonistic here. 

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