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There’s a much simpler way of entering diacritics.


Simply install the Spanish (International Sort) keyboard instead of English (UK or US). The Spanish keyboard is QWERTY, so the same as English, with two dead keys, one to the immediate right of P, the other two keys to the right of L, with respectively (+Shift first)circumflex, grave, diaraesis and accute accents. You simply type the dead key before the vowel, and hey presto.


This is what is used by English-language typists in international organizations (UN, EU) in order to be able to write French, Spanish, etc. names easily. Your physical keyboad doesn’t need to change, only the keyboard installed in your word processing program.


Steve Hewitt



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To first take Michael's point below.  He makes a very good case for showing diacritical marks in dictionaries and text books.


And that is why we use diacritics, Ray. We write "Lûk" and "lùck", keeping their traditional word-shapes. If you want to show the linguistic distinctions (from *luk [lʏk]~[lɪk] for instance) without diacritics, then you have to resort to "Loek" or "Louk" and "loeck" or "louck".



For showing diacritical marks everywhere, Eddie has hit the nail on the head.  No one has yet been able to demonstrate to me a speedy way of entering all the necessary diacritical marks at a reasonable typing rate.  Perhaps an expensive bit of software is required in which case type setters of simple Cornish short story books, magazines etc. will not put the marks in.


On 30 Gen 2011, at 15:40, Eddie Climo wrote:

As an aside, one stumbling block to diacritics is their impact on typing speed. I've been using computers for decades, and have taught myself to touch-type (courtesy of dear Mavis Beacon!). In English or UC without diacritics, I normally hit about 60+ words a minute. Add in diacritics, though, and my speed drops way way down, despite the fact I've been keying them on Mac keyboards in French, German, Spanish, Welsh and Scots Gaelic (as well as UC+diacritics!) for up to 20 years! On Windows PCs I'm even slower!


Ray Chubb






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