[Spellyans] tavas in early Middle Cornish

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Yes, that’s also how I see it. The remaining problem is that <taves> is also attested, and earlier so than <tavas>. This is an important question in establishing the ‘etymological’ vowel for the SWF spelling. Is spelling <e> justified? Yes, or so I believe, because: 1) it occurs, and 2) it lines up with the regular development of OC <o> > MC <e> > LC <a>. 
Of course the SWF rule to write the ‘etymological’ vowel invites questioning, it is nonetheless a rule for now and the question remains: is the spelling <taves> unjustified? 
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The schwa in this word was clearly heard as a-coloured or low from the earliest period of Middle Cornish. 
Possibly vowel harmony was a factor, or the analogy of other words in -as.
Since we don't know how exactly the unstressed vowel developed, spelling as the texts do is sensible.
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What is this ɐ? Do you think LC lowered schwa? 

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