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More a point of grammar than orthography but I have never quite worked out precisely how to express the possessive interrogative/ relative ' adjectives and pronouns, 'whose' & 'whose?' 

Whose house fell down?
Whose house did you view?
>From whose phone were you calling?
The man whose house you viewed.
The man whose house fell down.
The man on whose shoulder the pigeon landed.
The man whose shoulders sagged.

As for the English inanimate 'of which' I won't go there!


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  He admired the orthography of Breton more than Breton itself. More importantly he mistakenly believed that the phonology of Middle Cornish and Modern Breton were very close.
  UC writes pyu. Like UC yu 'is' pyu leads to pronunciation with a rising diphthong [ju:]. 
  The UCR and KS spelling pyw is like UCR and KS yw: well attested and phonetically unambiguous.


  On 2011 Gor 18, at 17:53, Michael Everson wrote:

    except that Ken George admired Breton.


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