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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Thu Jul 21 12:24:35 IST 2011

Is there no mention of "Grassa dhis/dhywgh", which I use quite a lot?


On 21 Gor 2011, at 12:02, Eddie Climo wrote:

> On 2011 Gor 21, at 11:23, Nicholas Williams wrote:
>> I have collected the following ways of saying 'Thank you' in  
>> traditional Cornish:
>> A das a nef gromercy OM 407
>>>> mear a rase thewhy sera  CW 702
>>>> Durdala dewhy, syr ‘Thank you, sir’ Borde
>>>> Nance seems to have ignored Gromercy, presumably because it seemed  
>> too much like a borrowing.
> Your observation is incorrect. Nance (1938) contains the following  
> entries:
> p.44	durdala dywhy
> p.69	grās…
> 		merastawhy, merastadu…
> 		mur ras dhywhy. much thanks to you
> p.70	gromercy…thank you, great thanks, gramercy…
> In a similar way, Nance (1955, p.174) has all of these, and more,  
> under the headword 'thank', as does Nance (1952) under 'dur', 'grās'  
> and 'gromercy'. I see no ignoral there by Nance.
>> We have here yet another of Nance's purisms.
> Clearly not; the beam is in your own eye, Nicholas, not in Nance's.
>> Should not Gromercy be the default way of saying 'I thank you' in  
>> the revived language?
> No, we should rejoice in the fact that Cornish has multiple ways of  
> giving thanks, not forgetting:
> aswon grās, gothvos grās, grassa. We should further rejoice in the  
> fact that, as H.W.Fowler (authorof Oxford Dictionary and Modern  
> English Usage) observed, language is a democratic affair, and  
> Kernewegoryon will make up their own minds about how to thank  
> people, without needing any supposed 'default'.
> Eddie Climo
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