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Have been away for quite a while but in case   I rarely if ever contribute to your interesting debates.  However with regard to <whose> etc. i learned that to translate for example   "James whose brother played for Cornwall......" one would write "Jammes a neb an broder rig gwari rag Kernow ......" Disregarding  my modern Cornish spelling which is now defunct, can Nicholas  or anyone give an opinion please. most grateful. Mina Dresser

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That's interesting. Do you parse <grasse> as the plural of 'gras'? If so, would 
t correspond to UCR 'grassow'?

n 2011 Gor 21, at 14:04, Nicholas Williams wrote:
> Neither Grassa dhywgh nor Grassa dhis is attested in the texts.
 We do, however, find the following:
 grasse the meryasek wek 'thanks to dear Meriasek' BM 749
 grasse the crist yth oys sav 'thanks to Christ, you are healed' BM 1854
 grasse the crist a galloys 'thanks to Christ of power' BM 4244
 So grassa dhis/dhywgh is not unwarranted.
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