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On 2011 Gor 21, at 13:29, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> In his 1951 English-Cornish Dictionary Nance gives various renderings for "Thank you". Gromercy is not among them. He cites gromercy at the end of the entry as a rendering for "many thanks". This is not really correct. Gromercy means "thank you" pure and simple.

Nance (1938 & 1955) offer us:
> gromercy…thanks! great thanks! gramercy!
> gromercy…great thanks! gramercy!

Perhaps Nance felt 'gromercy' might offer greater thanks than Nicholas seems to believe. I suggest that this comes down to a matter of stylistic choise or taste, rather than one of hard fact.

> In none of the handbooks of UC is gromercy mentioned as the ordinary way of saying "thank you". Nance cites the form in his dictionaries, but he and his followers ignored it in their teaching and speech.

Again, a matter of stylistic choice or taste. We each of us choose what to use, and what not to.

Instead of deprecating other people's tastes and choices, we should rather be celebrating the rich diversity of stylistic choices available to us in Cornish—as well as the richly diverse literary heritage bestowed upon us all by so many skilled and devoted revivalists over the last 100 years, including: 
—'Gwas Myghal' Jenner, 
—'Mordon' Nance, 
—'Caradar' Smith, 
—'Talek' Hooper, 
—'Perghyryn' Palmer, 
—'Golvan' Williams
	…and a host of others.

Mur ras, durdala dhywhy,
	Gromercy, merastawhy!
Y'gan bya sur redy
	Gwanna tavas, na veugh why.

Eddie Climo

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