[Spellyans] "well done", "badly done" in Cornish

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 08:01:42 IST 2011

I recently heard someone on Radyo an Gernewegva say gwrës yn tâ "well
done, done well" and gwrës yn trog "badly done".

"Well done" in traditional Cornish is gwrës dâ, where there is no
adverbial particle: Gwrêz dah, chee gwaz vâz ha leall "well done, thou
good and faithful servant" Pryce.

The Cornish for "badly done" is not recorded, I think. Yn trog is
completely unknown. In view of drok tylys "badly rewarded", drok pys
"badly paid > unsatisfied" in the texts it seems that "badly done"
would be drog-gwrës.

So one would say: Ny worama a veu va gwrës dâ pò drog-gwrës "I don't
know whether it was well done or badly done".


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