[Spellyans] It is possible my copy of "An Gerlyver Meur" has been altered by the piskies...

David Trethewey dlrt2 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jul 25 18:38:25 IST 2011

If you have a copy of the dictionary by Ken George, please confirm that 
your copy says the same as mine.

I have had problems with my sanity recently and this is the last 
separate context from an actual alien invasion from outer space.

My version of *An Gerlyver Meur*, has

*day*: n. dydh +yow, jorna m. jorneow; (abbr) dy' m.

*by day*: dydhweyth, yn jydh

*by night and by day*: mo ha myttin

*by this day*: re'n jydh hedhyw;

*day before yesterday*: dygynsete m.

*day's time*: dydhweyth f. +yow

*every day*: pub-dydh

*first day of month*: dy'Halann

*following day*: morow

*good day*: duwrdadhejy, Duwrdadhy'hwi, dydh da

*next day*: ternos

*on the day after tomorrow*: trenja

*period of three days*: trydydh m.

*the day after*: ternos

*the day*: an jydh

*third day hence*: godrevedh f.

*this very day*: y'n jydh hedhyw

*two days hence*: trenja

*working day*: dy'gweyth m. +yow

David Trethewey
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