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I agree with «specyal» but where do you find «spessly»? Your example says «specyly».
If we are going to use this borrowing (because it is more authentic) we ought to retain the authentic graph «c», even if it means breaking the spelling rules that we have for the more “native” words.

Why would Lhuyd have invented «arbednek»? – or how do you know that he did?


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I notice that An English-Cornish Glossary in the SWF (using Traditional Graphs) by Bock, Bruch, Kennedy, Prohaska and Rule 
s.v. 'special' gives arbennek, arbednek.
Arbennek is unattested. The only attested form is arbednek AB: 224, an invention of Lhuyd's on the basis of Welsh arbennig 'special'.

The word for 'special' in traditional Cornish is specyal and 'specially' is spessly:

zozo Ihesus zy thampnye pylat bys pan danvonas yn vr na keskeweza y a ve ha specyall bras PA 110cd

Cf. ha specyly ree ov tena BM 1509.

Speciall, special, especiall occurs thirteen times in TH and specially occurs six times.

It is a pity the glossary did not cite specyal, spessly, given that the first was recorded in a text from the fourteenth century and the second
in a text from 1504.


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