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The default word in revived Cornish for 'to receive' is degemeres. The SWF glossary
s.v. 'receive' gives degemeres; kemeres; receva in that order.
As far as I can see degemeres is attested twice only in the phrase degemeres in bàn 'to accept' (socially):

den a veth degemorys in ban in meske arlythy 'a person will be accepted among lords' BM 433-34
den a veth degemerys in ban in mesk arlythy 'a person will be accepted among lords'  BM 2573-74

Recêva, on the other hand is much better attested and really does mean 'receive'.

I have collected the following examples:

den marow rag receve 'to receive a corpse' PA 233b
ha ressef thy's ov dege 'and receive to thee my tithe' OM 506
re'n ordyr a recevys 'by the order I received' OM 2160
aban vynnyth yn della y resseve my a wra 'since you wish it thus I will receive it' OM 2618
ha'm spyrys thy'so ressef 'and receive unto you my spirit' OM 1897
the wos ker the resceue 'to receive thy precious blood' PC 830
agus brus the resseue 'to receive your sentence' PC 2339
iosep whek resceu e thy's 'dear Joseph, receive him unto you' PC 3155
eno ny a'n receuas 'there we received him' RD 2339
an men re ruk inclynya in tyr rag the receva 'the stone has inclined to receive you onto the land' BM 1195
sav eff ny vyn del glowys y receva 'but as I have heard, he will not receive it' BM 2876-77
corff ov arluth del deleth hythyv me re recevas 'the body of my Lord as is fitting I have received today' BM 4253-54
corff crist inweth receva 'the body of Christ received also' BM 4281
mar te den ha receva royow bras the worth y gothman 'if a man receives great gifts from his friend' TH 4a
an dra esan ny ow reseva 'the thing that we receive' TH 57
Eliseus a rug recevia e mantall 'Elisha received his mantle' SA 60
ha’y dengys us recevys in Du parfyt 'and his humanity is received into perfectly into God' BK 157-58.

I haven't listed all the examples from Tregear, who has the verbal noun receva 34 times. SA has recevia seven times.
The mistaken view that degemeres is the ordinary word for 'to receive' goes back, of course, to Nance, who s.v. 'receive'
in his 1952 English-Cornish dictionary gives: degemeres; kemeres; receva.

It is time receva was accepted as the default word for 'to receive'.


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