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Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Thu Jul 28 18:19:45 IST 2011

On 28 Jul 2011, at 17:51, nicholas williams wrote:

> Almayn is attested once (RD 2148). Germany is used twice by Tregear (TH 32, 49a) and is also attested in BK: the whelas myns a geffa a bagans in Germany BK 3231-32. The glossary, however, spells the word <Germany>. According to the rules of the SWF this is to be pronounced [ger'mani]. Is this what the compilers mean?

I hope not. Tregear surely said [dʒer'mani]. We write Jermany, anyway.

> Why do they write <Germany> rather than <Germani>?

Because it's hard to use a spelling that's not very coherent and logical? :-)

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