[Spellyans] An Beybel Sans: The Holy Bible in Cornish

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Congratulations. That's fantastically good news. Well done to all involved, 
and a very special "well done" to Nicholas.
You now need to ensure that there is a copy of the Bible in every Cornish 

However, it doesn't end there. You then need to make sure that they are not 
just put into a cupboard, and left unused.

The church copies should be large, with large print, so that you can speak 
from them whilst standing. They should always be displayed open, and 
frequently used.

Our church (in Essex) reads from an iPod, so there needs to be an electronic 
version of the Bible as well.

Our rector (who also happens to be our landlord) writes the sermons on a 
desktop PC, cuts and pastes the relevant parts of the Bible into the 
sermons, and adds parts of the prayer book. I believe that hymns are also 
added. The completed service is downloaded to the iPad, and this is taken 
into the church. If the organist is not available, the iPad plays the hymn 
music through the church sound system.

I don't know how people read the Bible at home but I suspect that many 
download it from somewhere.

The point of the above is that we need to think beyond paper books.

This goes for dictionaries and grammars as well. You might like to look at 
this Asturian work. It's the sort of thing that I would like to see for 



Andrew J. Trim

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Yma Evertype ow nôtya bos dyllys trailyans nowyth Nicholas Williams a'n 
Beybel Sans. Hèm yw an kensa leun-drailyans a'n Beybel dhe Gernowek 
bythqweth a veu. Pris £49.95. Dhe gafos dhyworth Amazon.co.uk ha dhyworth 
Spryrys a Gernow. Rag godhvos moy, gweler 

Evertype announces the publication of Nicholas Williams' new translation of 
the Holy Bible, the first-ever complete version in Cornish. Retail price 
£49.95. Available from Amazon.co.uk and Spryrys a Gernow. For more 
information see http://evertype.com/books/beybel.html

Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com/

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