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I don't necessarily accept that all these English loan words can  
genuinely be included as Cornish just because they turn up in Cornish  
texts.  I believe that many were inserted (especially in Tregear)  
because the writer didn't know the Cornish word.

In Keigwin's translation of King Charles's letter of thanks to  
Cornwall, he inserts the Hebrew word "milchamath" because he couldn't  
recall the Cornish word for 'battle'.  By the same token as arguments  
being mooted here, we should accept that word as Cornish and use it  
accordingly.  I won't though.


On 29 Gor 2011, at 09:11, nicholas williams wrote:

> This will be my last posting on the SWF glossary. The rest of my  
> criticisms will be in the form of a full review which I shall in due  
> course hand over to the new chairman.
> The glossary for 'payment' gives talas m. talasow only. This word is  
> an invention and appears for the first time in Cornish Dictionary  
> Supplement 2 by Morris and Snell (1984).
> The attested word is payment: xxx a vone yn vn payment y wrens ry PA  
> 39d
> To be fair to him, Nance cites payment as the only word for  
> 'payment' in his 1952 dictionary.
> I can undesrtand that the compilers might prefer the native-sounding  
> invention *talas to the attested borrowing payment, but to have  
> cited the invention, while ignoring the genuine word, is hardly  
> scholarly. George's Gerlyver Kres is the source. Under 'payment' he  
> gives *talas and payment is not mentioned.
> Nicholas
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