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There is in fact no Cornish word for 'war'. Bresel means 'dissension, disagreement'.
gwerrya 'to make war' is attested in BM:

menogh y car ewyas ha guerrya purthyogel 'often he loves to ride out and make war' BM 3453

and gwerryour, gwerrour 'warrior' occurs eight times in BK.
In the Bible I use gwerryans for 'war'.

Interestingly enough there is a word for 'war' in Biblical Hebrew milchamah but no word for 'soldier'.
For a long time Israeli Hebrew had to say 'ish milchamah 'man of war', an expression taken form the scriptures. Later a word chayyel was formed on the basis of chayl 'military force'.


On 2011 Gor 29, at 10:00, Hewitt, Stephen wrote:

> Would it be possible to have the whole phrase in which the Hebrew word
> for battle/war is used?

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