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nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 17:50:02 IST 2011

I said I wouldn't post on the SWF glossary any more, but I think I should share this.
The glossary s.v. CREATE gives gwruthyl and says it is an alternative VN to gul.

The glossary does not cite any of the verbs commonly used in the Middle Cornish texts for 'to create', namely

formya x 13
furmya x 3

creatya x 10 (TH and CW)

Most interestingly the glossary thinks the alternative vn to gul is *gwruthyl. *Gwruthyl is unattested. So for that matter are *guruthyl and *gvruthyl.
Gruthyl with gr- rather than gwr- is attested 14 times. 

Which texts exactly have the compilers read?


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