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On 6 Sep 2011, at 20:04, Ray Chubb wrote:

> Not, if like me, you consider the basis of Middle Cornish, or at least an authentic orthography for it, to be up until the time of the dissolution of Glasney College.

Just because the College was dissolved does not mean that the orthographic principles it taught ceased to exist. If they had, we would not be able to read the works of Tregear or Jordan easily. The time between the Prayer Book Rebellion (1549) and Jordan's Creation of the World (1611) is a mere 62 years. Do you think that there were no twenty-year-olds in 1549 who remembered how to write when they were 70? Do you think that none of them taught another twenty-year-old in 1569 or 1570 or 1589? 

It's simply not the case that authentic Middle Cornish orthography ceased to exist in 1549.

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