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On 6 Gwn 2011, at 20:35, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 6 Sep 2011, at 20:04, Ray Chubb wrote:
>> Not, if like me, you consider the basis of Middle Cornish, or at  
>> least an authentic orthography for it, to be up until the time of  
>> the dissolution of Glasney College.
> Just because the College was dissolved does not mean that the  
> orthographic principles it taught ceased to exist. If they had, we  
> would not be able to read the works of Tregear or Jordan easily. The  
> time between the Prayer Book Rebellion (1549) and Jordan's Creation  
> of the World (1611) is a mere 62 years. Do you think that there were  
> no twenty-year-olds in 1549 who remembered how to write when they  
> were 70? Do you think that none of them taught another twenty-year- 
> old in 1569 or 1570 or 1589?
> It's simply not the case that authentic Middle Cornish orthography  
> ceased to exist in 1549.

I think what we can safely say is that any control over it ceased to  
exist.  It's a bit like Nicholas abandoning UCR, we all feel free to  
tinker or pick and choose from it as we wish.

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