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On 7 Sep 2011, at 08:27, Ray Chubb wrote:

>> It's simply not the case that authentic Middle Cornish orthography ceased to exist in 1549.
> I think what we can safely say is that any control over it ceased to exist.

There was a continuum of spelling options even before 1549.

I don't understand how you use "authentic" in this context though. Evidently you think Nance's orthography is authentic, though since you prefer UCR you must agree that Nance's failure to distinguish /ø/ from /y/ (UCR ue from ü) was a mistake. Do you think that Jenner's orthography is authentic? Tregear's? Jordan's? 

> It's a bit like Nicholas abandoning UCR, we all feel free to tinker or pick and choose from it as we wish.

Nicholas (and I as a publisher) "abandoned" UCR because we (along with others) realized the value of moving towards an orthography which made use of authentic graphs while also doing a better job at (1) representing the major dialect differences of Revived Cornish (the continuum of choices between RMC, RTC, and RLC) and (2) being unambiguous. 

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