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'Abandon' is hardly the right word. I stopped using UCR because I realised that UCR was too difficult for learners.
UCR does not distinguish the final f in lef, sef which is [v] from the final segment in Josef, which is [f].
UCR does not distinguish hen 'old' from hen 'that'. UCR does not show the difference between the two u-vowels
in curun, cusul, dustuny, etc. 
There are aspects of KS which could perhaps have been otherwise. We might, for example have written
Joseff, but lef, sef; cf. the Welsh usage. We distinguish y from i which is not traditional and because of the possibility
of pre-occlusion we have to write unattested forms like ino 'in him'.
Overall, however, KS looks Cornish (which the SWF/M does not), and it is almost wholly phonetic.

The real point is this: UCR was effectively my personal revision of UC. KS on the other hand was a joint effort and thus belongs
to nobody in particular. Being a guru in Cornish has one enormous disadvantage. If a guru makes a mistake, his follows repeat his
It is far better to cease to use an orthography for cogent reasons, than to invent an orthography and then find that
other people have abandoned it for you.


On 2011 Gwn 7, at 09:15, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

>>> It's a bit like Nicholas abandoning UCR, we all feel free to tinker or pick and choose from it as we wish.

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