[Spellyans] a second word for 'ankle'

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For 'ankle' revived Cornish uses ufern, respelt from the mispelt lifern 'talus' of OCV.
Lhuyd, however,  s.v. Malleolus 'a small hammer;  ankle or ankle-bone' gives morthol bian and gybbedern AB: 84b.
Gybbedern is the same word as goobiddar 'ankels' [sic] in the Bodewryd glossary. 
The word was probably gobederen f. (gybbedern) with a collective plural  gobeder (goobiddar).
This I take to derive from go- 'under, small' and *pederen 'a bead' (< Pater (noster)).
Gobederen then means 'a small bead' and is a reference to the use in former times of
sheep's ankle bones in the game of dibs, jacks or five-stones. From this comes the use of gobederen
to mean any ankle bone
Does this seem credible?

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