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On 7 Gwn 2011, at 08:51, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 7 Sep 2011, at 08:27, Ray Chubb wrote:
>>> It's simply not the case that authentic Middle Cornish orthography  
>>> ceased to exist in 1549.
>> I think what we can safely say is that any control over it ceased  
>> to exist.
> There was a continuum of spelling options even before 1549.
> I don't understand how you use "authentic" in this context though.  
> Evidently you think Nance's orthography is authentic, though since  
> you prefer UCR you must agree that Nance's failure to distinguish / 
> ø/ from /y/ (UCR ue from ü) was a mistake. Do you think that  
> Jenner's orthography is authentic? Tregear's? Jordan's?

Yes of course I agree that UC (r) was an improvement on UC in certain  
respects.  I have never liked final 'dh' and that is where the crux of  
the matter lies.   Clearly scholars cannot agree where final 'dh'  
should be applied and no doubt there is also disagreement about where  
final 'f' should be sounded as 'v'.  In view of this I prefer to stick  
to the more authentic historical spellings.  It has been said that  
Nance preferred to allow the sources to speak for themselves, this is  
still a good principle where there is uncertainty.
>> It's a bit like Nicholas abandoning UCR, we all feel free to tinker  
>> or pick and choose from it as we wish.
> Nicholas (and I as a publisher) "abandoned" UCR because we (along  
> with others) realized the value of moving towards an orthography  
> which made use of authentic graphs while also doing a better job at  
> (1) representing the major dialect differences of Revived Cornish  
> (the continuum of choices between RMC, RTC, and RLC) and (2) being  
> unambiguous.

Yes I commend you for what you have done but you must accept that  
there are those who prefer, as I said, to allow the sources to speak  
for themselves. Is it really so much trouble to remember to give a  
final 'f' a 'v' sound?

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