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TH rhotacises, e.g. rag mar pethans gerys the vois, martesyn y eff a yll skynnya in myschew an parna TH 25a.
Pre-occlusion is probably much older than its first appearance in BM (secunda manus).
Pre-occlusion is common in Manx, but it is not shown in writing until the 19th century.

I agree completely that Rowe was a native speaker.
John Boson and Wm Gwavas probably weren't.
Nicholas Boson like Wm Bodinar learnt Cornish as a boy, rather than as a baby.

I'm sure you are correct, Craig, in believing that Cornish MSS are lying undiscovered.
Since the revival began we've had Tregear and BK. I just hope I live long enough to see the next discovery.


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> rhotacisation and pre-occlusion

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