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Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Thu Sep 8 09:31:35 BST 2011

Dan, I think this is a little patronising.

I have good solid reasons for preferring Unified /UC (r).

1.	Is it valid to invent spellings for a language that can only be  
revived from the written records?  How much invention is there in  
modern Hebrew?

2.	Unified has a long history and a large body of literature, it  
stands for stability in the revival.

3.	It is cautious in its approach and allows for change in academic  

4.	As I have said before, it imitates the writing of Cornish at its  
historical pinnacle.

I commend what is being done with KS and value the further discussion  
on this list but at the end of the day it is kite-flying and, at the  
moment, no one can predict which way the revival will go.

On 8 Gwn 2011, at 07:10, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

> Ray, what you don’t like is the ‘look’ of final <dh> and <v>, and I  
> understand that. One can get very used to a certain look of a  
> spelling system and feel estranged when that changes.

Ray Chubb


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