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On 8 Sep 2011, at 11:04, Ray Chubb wrote:

> Yes I can see that there is a historical precedent for it.  My main objection to the current trend in revived Cornish is the apparent view that we must 'dumb down'.  As I said, is it really so difficult to remember to give final 'f' a 'v' sound?

Yes, it is. Listen to revivalists say [ɛf] instead of [ɛv] for "ef". They do it. It really *is* too difficult for people to remember to give final 'f' an 'v' sound. It's also too difficult for them to remember that "pryf" is [priːv] not [prɪf]. That is why we write "prÿv" in KS. 

As Nicholas said, we could have chosen -f for [v] and -ff for [f], but I bet you a pint of Theakston's that people would still 

To put it a bit humourously: Learners are, evidently, dumb. Dumb enough that they need an orthography that does a better job helping them learn to pronounce properly. Choosing a phonetic orthography is not "dumbing down" Cornish. It is making correct Cornish more accessible. 

I too was put off by -v in monosyllables at first, but I am well used to it now, and given the examples Nicholas provided:

> ev yv pen cok RD 2017
> mabe Jared yth ov heb gowe CW 2096

... I am quite content with this element of KS and SWF orthography. The graph is authentic enough.

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