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Not all final fs are to be pronounced v. There is no evidence that genef was genev (pace Jenner). The evidence points
to a weakly articulated f or zero. Gene 'with me' is attested 20 times and gyne x 19.
It really is not fair to call a phonetic orthography 'dumbed-down'. That is a disparaging term and is unhelpful.
Many European languages write completely phonetically. Are German and Welsh and Hungarian and Spanish dumbed-down?
The absence of diacritics is quite a different matter, and in France they are seldom used with upper case letters.

Porth seems to me to be quite a good spelling for Par. We can see that the vowel was lowered slightly before r 
and that the final segment rth was reduced to rh.
There is nothing to prevent people from writing Porth and pronouncing the name Parh or whatever.
It just requires a little knowledge. The opposite of dumbing down.


On 2011 Gwn 8, at 11:04, Ray Chubb wrote:

> As I said, is it really so difficult to remember to give final 'f' a 'v' sound?

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