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“Dan, I think this is a little patronising.”
I’m sorry, Ray. I didn’t mean it in a patronizing way, so please accept my
apologies. I fact I understand you well. It took some getting used to UC
after having first learnt Gendall’s RLC and UCR made switching a lot easier.

It also took some time getting used to the SWF, and while I’m not completely
happy with it, especially the so-called ‘Main Form’ graphs (i.e. KK-graphs)
I have begun to see some of its merits. 
“I have good solid reasons for preferring Unified /UC (r).”
Yes, you do. Nace standardised the spellings of the MC texts. In itself a
valid approach, but the MC scribes didn’t distinguish between /?/ and /ð/ in
any environment, so they don’t tell us where Cornish had /ð/ and where it
had /?/. 
“1.       Is it valid to invent spellings for a language that can only be
revived from the written records?  How much invention is there in modern
I am not familiar enough with modern Hebrew to answer that question.
“2.       Unified has a long history and a large body of literature, it
stands for stability in the revival.”
“3.       It is cautious in its approach and allows for change in academic
Yes, but from a phonological perspective it makes it difficult for the
learner to know how to pronounce Cornish.
“4.       As I have said before, it imitates the writing of Cornish at its
historical pinnacle.”
Yes, though it coalesces certain sounds which we know were in fact
“I commend what is being done with KS and value the further discussion on
this list but at the end of the day it is kite-flying and, at the moment, no
one can predict which way the revival will go.”
No reason to stop researching though…
On 8 Gwn 2011, at 07:10, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

Ray, what you don’t like is the ‘look’ of final <dh> and <v>, and I
understand that. One can get very used to a certain look of a spelling
system and feel estranged when that changes.
Ray Chubb

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