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Of course dialectal variation is always something one must reckon with. And like you, I believe it likely that each Cornish parish had its own variety a long a dialect continuum. Nicholas has identified a number of features that are most likely owing to dialectal variation. 
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“Many thanks for that detailed response, Dan.  This inconsistency in Lhuyd is frustrating but, like you, I wonder if he heard a different sound in different locations.  50 years ago, it was possible to tell a Mousehole man from a St Ives man, or a St Just man, from his speech in dialectal English, and I wouldn't mind betting that the same applied when Cornish was the norm and that the local customs of one language simply translated into the other.
Certainly there are some sounds in trad. West Cornish-English speech that could only have derived from the Cornish language as there no known English equivalents which could have influenced them.
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